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California DOJ Compliance Testimonial

An informative testimonial from an FSDC Client who is impressed with the products, support and customer service FSDC provides for California DOJ Compliance.

August 9, 2016

To Whom It May Concern,

To properly appreciate what Firearm Safety Devices Corporation (FSDC) does for California Firearm dealers (FFLs), you should understand a little about the system California FFLs are forced to operate under.

California firearm safety device laws are complicated, conflict with Federal law, and contain many traps for the unaware firearms dealer. In fact, these laws can literally cost an FFL thousands of dollars in fines and even the loss of the dealer’s FFL for life. Ever since the California Firearm Safety Device (FSD) regulations were signed into law FFLs have been scrambling to find firearm safety devices that are approved by California, approved for the firearm we want to use it on and that are affordable.

I quit counting long ago the times I tried to get a gun lock company to listen to us on what we actually needed. Lock companies have been, with few exceptions, exclusively focused on what they could sell and not what we needed. Their refusal to take into account the specifics of California’s FSD laws has imperiled dealers and set FFLs up for non-compliance. Small, easy things they could have done to solve these issues are still, years later, not done.

Up until the Firearm Safety Devices Corporation (FSDC) appeared on the scene it was a rare thing indeed to find an FSD that did little more than meet the absolute minimum requirements and usually with “gray” area administrative issues. I don’t like gray areas when our FFL is on the line.

Fortunately, actions always speak louder than words and FSDC is a company where action follows research. FSDC is head and shoulders above its competitors. They reached out to FFLs like us and asked us what we needed. They sent out samples and prototypes and visited with us and saw first-hand how the product was being used. Then they followed up with affordable, quality products.

Our store has been working with Firearm Safety Devices Corporation since they opened for business. A very nice bonus with FSDC has been the production a few SKUs that work for large numbers and types of firearms. This decreases our administrative load, the number of SKUs we need to stock and this simplification also decreases our liability under California law. Last, but certainly not least, FSDC has enhanced our customers firearm safety with a high quality product that doesn’t damage their firearm.

Bottom line: FSDC is a company that understands that our success is their success. FSDC listens, follows through, and won’t leave you hanging!

Best Regards,

Ronald Godwin, VP & GM

El Cajon Gun Exchange
427 Broadway
El Cajon, CA 92021

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